ESTD 2008


A Message from Doop Creator Rob Loendersloot

We’ve always done things a little bit...different. We have to...our entire country is flat. The population of Holland is 16 million, but the total number of bicycles is slightly over 16 million. We ride bikes a lot...I guess that makes us a Green Country.

We also ask a lot of questions and challenge the status quo...we built the first skyscraper in Europe (The White House in 1898). And though Italy and France are known throughout the world as hubs of fashion, what you probably don’t know is that many of the top clothing manufacturers today (over 1,600) are housed in the Netherlands. Diesel’s designers are mainly Dutch. Fashion design is one of the fastest growing job sectors of the Netherlands. It is in fashion that we also push the boundaries of art and high fashion. Today, fashion comes as much from the street as it does the that is young, dynamic, bends the rules and is just “fresh”.

Inspired and shaped by the 21st century fashion renaissance on the streets of Amsterdam and Rotterdam, Doop hairgear products are Daringly Different. We are a styling line first, crafted by hand to be cheeky, unpretentious and unique...with just a little touch of whimsy. We believe styling products should be fun and enhance the individual....from Mild to’s to time to let the Real You loose. Once you do...the feeling is Addictive. We have something for every Attitude and every type of hair. If we don’t have it, you don’t need it.

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