Are DOOP products tested on animals?

Absolutely not. The products are only tested on models and not on animals.


Are DOOP products containing parabenes?

No, all products does not contain any parabenes.


Are DOOP products easy to wash out of my hair?

All products are not greasy and easy to wash out.


Is it easy to restyle my hair with DOOP products?

Yes, try it yourself, it’s very easy to restyle your hair.


Can I mix different DOOP Styling Products together?

Yes, if you like that, no problem. If you want to add more shine to the product, you can use our specially glossy product DOOP The Blender. Use a zip of Blender and your hair will have a nice shiny look.


What makes DOOP so special?

DOOP is not selling any Haircare products like shampoos, conditioners etc. We are the specialist in Professional Styling Products. Our claim is “If we don’t have it, you don’t need it”. So, for the Hairdresser and Consumer DOOP offers you a complete but also compact line. For every type of hair DOOP has a sufficient styling product.


How do I know, what product will be the best for me?

Of course via your DOOP Hairdresser or try our product adviser on this web site.


Can I buy DOOP in a drug store?

No, DOOP is a professional brand which will only be sold by Hairdressers or by other professional hair care channels.


Where can I find DOOP products?

On this web site you can find the details of the DOOP Distributor in your country under the tab “Where to find DOOP”. Feel free, to contact them for more information or send a email to


Is there also a DOOP facebook page?

Of course and we like to have you as our DOOP friend on


Is DOOP also sponsoring sports?

Yes, DOOP is having the Dutch World Champion Windsurfing Dion van Laarhoven under contract. You can follow him via our website or via our Facebook page.

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